full circle

I began working with the young adults group about a year ago.  Although I felt God’s leading in that direction, I was terrified to begin.  I had been doing youth ministry for some time–about seven years–but this was different, unknown territory, a new path.  I set the date for the first meeting secretly hoping that no one would show up and I’d be let off the hook.  But they did show up, and they’ve continued to show up nearly every week since.  We’ve celebrated getting new jobs, passing exams, and identifying personal strengths and gifts.  We’ve talked about hard subjects–self-discipline, difficult experiences at church, how to follow God’s will.  As our name implies, we’ve been walking through Life together for the past year.  It’s been a challenging and rewarding experience, but nothing has brought me more joy than seeing them serve at Desert Challenge last month.  We’ve been studying leadership for the past year, but as we all know, talking and doing are two different things.  Desert Challenge was an opportunity to put into practice everything we’d been discussing.  

From the beginning, this group has had a passion for worship, so when we began planning for Desert Challenge three months ago, I wasn’t surprised that God laid it on my heart to ask them to lead worship.  It was a risk, no doubt.  This group is young and has never been given this type of responsibility.  Could they rise to the challenge?  Would they be able to stay grounded in the true meaning of worship without being swept into the hype of being on stage?  I wasn’t sure, but I knew I had to give them a chance.  I was questioned about my decision and the risk I was taking, but I held fast and prayed for and with them.  Although I was present for nearly two months of practice, nothing could have prepared me for when they began the first worship session.  I stood at the back, tears pouring down my face like a proud mama, as I watched them leave it all on the stage for the glory of God.  I have never been part of a worship experience that was more powerful than what I witnessed in those two days.  I’m sure wrong notes were played and transitions were missed, but that all falls away when people with sincere hearts come before the Lord in worship.  After being a part of this experience, I am convinced that worship will be the foundation of all our work in YFC this coming year.  

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