Storylines: Art

At the end of April, we had an event called Blueprint.  As the name suggests, the purpose of the event was to lay a foundation for the theme we will be working on this year.  For 2015, our theme is Storylines.  One of our goals at Blueprint was to explore the different ways we tell stories.  One of the mediums we experimented with was art.  We put together a team of 4 youth and had them plan and design the layout for the event, and then enlisted the help of about 20 other youth to contribute to the design.  The results were pretty amazing.

DSC_2197_800x533 DSC_2198_800x533 DSC_2204_800x533 DSC_2205_800x533 DSC_2281_800x533 DSC_2282_800x533 DSC_2283_800x533 DSC_2284_800x533 DSC_2288_800x533 DSC_2289_800x533  DSC_2337_800x533

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